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Johnstown Launches New Economic Development Website

The Johnstown Village Manager’s office is pleased to announce the launch of This new webpage provides businesses with useful information on Johnstown tax incentives and resources for doing business in the Village.

This webpage is the first component of the Economic Development Strategy recently adopted by Village Council. It will allow for online information- sharing and connectivity strategies. Mobile users will be able to use the site on their tablets and mobile phones.

The second component of the Strategy will offer more robust data and functionality. The broader vision includes allowing visitors to research Village statistics, explore available real estate inventories, view maps and peruse articles and whitepapers.

“We understand that organizations would like multiple paths to explore the Village with the ability to manage how they interact with the Village”, states Jim Lenner, Village Manger. “We want to provide dynamic content that moves potential business and real estate investors from being generally interested in Johnstown to locating their offices or manufacturing facilities here.”

Another goal for the Economic Strategy is directed toward business retention. “There are local businesses who have invested in this community, and we would like to keep them here”, maintains Lenner. “This means, we will offer insights, advice, and a platform for businesses to grow and expand with the help of our development staff.”

Mr. Lenner believes that in order for Johnstown to grow, there must be an increase in the Village’s connectivity, engagement, collaboration, strategic alliances and partnerships with the entire public, private and education sectors of the Johnstown, Licking County, and Columbus metro region economy.

For more information on the Johnstown Village Manager’s Office, contact Jim Lenner at 740.967.3177 or via email at

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