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Johnstown is the FIRST Ohio community to openly welcome legal medical marijuana operations

In order to move a community forward, the leaders of that community must be progressive in their thinking. New, long term ideas must be vetted and critiqued. Johnstown has done just that. The Village of Johnstown has taken, as one Columbus news anchor said, a “landmark” step towards embracing the legal medical marijuana industry. A resolution was passed by Village Council on August 16th that simply iterates we will not be “opting out” as allowed by the State law (See House Bill 523). As of September 8th, 2016, Ohio will become the 25th state to have legalized medical marijuana. Johnstown is home to an industry leader in the fabrication of oil extraction devices used primarily in the medical marijuana industry, Apeks Supercritical. We believe assisting in the future recruitment of research and development, operations, production, testing and other general business practices in the Village will generate well paying jobs and a sustainable tax base.

We have work to do. The State must prepare their rules and regulations. The Village must do the same. We will do it correctly and look forward to a future in this industry.

Johnstown is the FIRST Ohio community to openly welcome legal medical marijuana operations.

Media Coverage:


CBS 10

ABC 6/FOX 28

Columbus Dispatch

Newark Advocate

ThisWeekNews (Johnstown Independent)



Jim Lenner

Village of Johnstown

Village Manager/Planner

740-967-3177 ext 4

Nate Strum

GROW Licking County

Economic Development Director

50 West Locust Street

Newark, OH 43055

(740) 345-9757 ext. 3

#medicalmarijuana #economicdevelopment

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