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Medical Cannabis Program is Progressing

The Village of Johnstown continues to welcome medical cannabis to our community. There has been increased interest from reputable private businesses that want to establish their newest investment in the Village.

We continue to take this emerging market seriously as evidenced by my recent trip to Maui County, Hawaii to meet with Mayor Alan Arakawa, State Representative Della Au Belatti, and County Council Member Yuki Lei Kashiwa Sugimura. I toured a cultivation and dispensary operation to completely understand how this program will effect our built environment.

Last night I presented Village Council with a detailed report on how Maui County and the state of Hawaii have built their medical cannabis program. I included best practices and where Hawaii has fell short in their program. We are refining the requirements of our program to ensure compliance and uniformity with the State of Ohio program.

Johnstown continues to be the leader in Ohio’s medical cannabis program. We will ensure our program is the best in Ohio. We will help to ensure the medical benefits of cannabis are available to those with qualifying conditions.

I’ll update our program details at


Jim Lenner - Village Manager/Planner

Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa

State Representative Della Au Belatti

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