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Village Announces Change to Medical Cannabis Program Timing

The Village of Johnstown is dedicated to its commitment to be a community leader in the Ohio medical cannabis industry and to promote the safe use of medical cannabis. We released our draft program two weeks ago and welcomed public comments. We’ve heard from multiple businesses wanting to locate and invest millions of dollars in Johnstown. As such, we have realized there is much more work to do before finalizing our program. To best utilize scarce Village resources and ensure an industry leading local program, we will be postponing implementation of our rules and regulations until no earlier than July 1, 2017. We realize we have gone back and forth on our implementation timeline but hope you understand our decision to delay our program is in the best interest of the medical cannabis industry, future medical cannabis patients and our beloved community. Please note that we will still be signing State Form 1G that certifies the correct zoning for the medical cannabis industry.

On behalf of the Johnstown Village Council Economic Development Committee, thank you for your understanding of our situation and we look forward to years of cooperation to make safe, reliable medical cannabis available to those who need it most.


Jim Lenner

Village Manager

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